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Locksmith Hampton: Various Kinds of Locks

With all of the different kinds of locks in existence, it can be challenging to know where to start if you are looking for new locks for your property. Do you start with knob locks? What exactly is a knob lock and how does it differ from mortise locks? These are questions that tend to come up when people are looking around for brand new locks. There are different options for different concerns, as well as different materials and finishes. You can find locks that are on the high end of the cost spectrum, but you can also find locks that are affordable but still sturdy. A lock and security provider can point you in the right direction if you provide them with your budget and any information regarding your concerns. But if you are just looking for a starting point, have a look at some of the information provided. This will help to give you a better idea of what is available to you.



Lock Types

  • Combination Locks – These are locks that entail the use of a series of numbers, symbols or even letters. Knowing the appropriate sequence is what enables the lock to open. Typically, a combination lock will have a rotating dial as well as a keypad entry. You can find these locks in electronic, single dial and multiple dial form. You might use this kind of lock if you have a locker at school or work that needs to be kept closed, or if you have a safe that otherwise doesn’t have a locking mechanism.
  • Knob locks – These are found on internal and external doors, primary at residences. They are made up of a key cylinder on one side and a turning knob on the other side. You might have a knob lock on a door that opens to your bedroom, so that you can enjoy privacy at home, but you wouldn’t have this kind of lock on your front door or on a door that serves as a primary point of entry to your property. Why? Because they can easily be picked open, but they allow privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms if needed.
  • Deadbolts – Deadbolts typically accompany knob locks or other types of locks for additional security. A rotating cylinder is turned to lock a bolt. There are different kinds of deadbolts available, which include:
  • Single cylinder deadbolts
  • Thumb turn deadbolts
  • Double cylinder deadbolts
  • Keyless deadbolts


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